Dong Abay

This is an interview of poet, journalist, and TV5’s host of WASAK, Mr. Lourd de Veyra, with his fellow musician and songwriter, Mr. Dong Abay, the former lead vocalist of  Filipino band, Yano, which entered the music mainstream in mid-90s. Dong Abay/Yano is one of my all-time favorite artists/bands.

In this interview (with co-host Jun Sabayton to provide comic relief), Dong Abay talks about his “glorified” days, his starting a family, his being a lost soul when he saw his child growing and felt the pressure of family life, and that moment when he’s no longer getting gigs, when he hit rock bottom until he found that shot at redemption and had a brand new album, and his fascination with Jose Rizal of Dapitan, which made this interview/conversation very interesting and heartwarming.

To Mr. Dong Abay, I am one of your loyal fans. (I still don’t have that “Rebulto” album, though. Will check it out in record stores.) This video was uploaded in YouTube by Ra Rivera on 8 February 2013.

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