Not just a fan girl, it’s living my life to the fullest!

I wrote them letters, approached them, and I got these.
I was that close to him in one fleeting moment during his mall concert in SM North. (Circa 2008)

BARBIE’S CRADLE. I was there, during their mall concert in Robinsons Galleria. Barbie is so cute and pretty and petite, we have the same height! (January 2001)


Ten Club, official fan club of Pearl Jam, sent me guitar picks and stickers instead. (Circa 1998)


Oh yes, I collected their three albums, from Frogstomp, to Freak Show, to Neon Ballroom. But you have to send money to receive any Silverchair stuff or you have to be an official member of their fan club. I just contented myself with this postcard they sent from Australia.


This picture was sent by the Eraserheads through snail mail. (Circa 1997)


Autographs by the Eraserheads


The drawings were done by Nathan Azarcon. I was the happiest girl in the world when I received this through mail with an accompanied newsletter or schedule of Rivermaya’s gigs. (Circa 1994)


What they looked like before. I think Mark Escueta is one of the best Filipino drummers around. Saw him in a concert before, during 1898 Kalayaan at the Folk Arts Theatre in June 1996. This picture is circa 1995.


The year was 1995. I remember I just came from my C.A.T. when I saw this mail for me from Rivermaya. This is the penmanship of Bamboo. The art he was talking about was this encaustic that I made for the band.


Circa 1997, from Rivermaya, a postcard inviting me to a concert at the Cuneta Astrodome.


Fatal Posporos, an all-female band from UP.  Heartfelt messages from Annette and Donna  (Circa 2000)

That’s why I need to scan this because it’s quickly deteriorating and fading away. Message from Kris Gorra, lead vocalist of Fatal Posporos. (Circa 2000)

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