Dog bite

And it bled profusely, my right hand, between the palm and the thumb, that part swelled in a matter of seconds while I was washing away the blood under a running water. It was an accident. I shouldn’t have forced it, she was hurt, not feeling well, she refused to follow but because I wanted to bring her to the vet, I quickly picked her up by touching her torso (I’d lift her this way always when I am bathing her) then I lifted her using my right arm then right then and there she bit me. So instead of bringing my dog to the vet, I rushed myself to the hospital, at the emergency room, for medical help. Lesson learned: The anti-rabies of Bea expired last December and I did not bring her to the vet to get a shot.

Miraculously, when I returned home after three hours that’s how long it was–waiting, going to the pharmacy to buy the drugs for anti-rabies and anti-tetano, then finally being attended to, and leaving the ER, I also went grocery shopping despite my wounded right hand, also to the vet to inquire about my dog’s condition and what happened to me (vet said I picked her up the wrong way)–I was surprised to see Bea meeting me at the gate with Douglas. Was surprised to see Bea walking without limping (previously she was even shivering, having shortness of breath, and her poopoo was wet) and now she’s playful, being her makulit self. At the moment, Bea and Douglas are doing some playbiting and wrestling match. More importantly, this lunch time, she ate all her food (it was boiled chicken liver with carrots and cabbage). I don’t know what happened to her at least I am thankful that I got nothing to worry about, no dog to bring to the vet anymore. And another thing that I am grateful for, another miracle: the accident happened yesterday and today, I can already grip a pen with almost no pain. Thank God.


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