A case of Daniel, the abandoned dog

Left office for a while during lunch break to go to Likha Diwa in Krus Na Ligas and buy my favorite food there, tuna quesadilla and vegan chocolate cake. (Sometimes I get tired with rice and a viand and crave for something different.) I didn’t bring my cellphone. My mind was just focused on one thing: to take out food from Likha Diwa then leave, return to office.

At Likha Diwa, while waiting for my takeout order, I saw this dog looking longingly at me beside another table. Being fond of dogs, I said hello. Then I sat down. I looked back again at the dog and he was still looking at me. Seconds after, he stood up then slowly walk and I was hoping towards me and not anywhere else, and indeed, he approached me, smelled me (a dog’s way of getting to know a human), and perhaps discerning I’m safe, went under my table and lied there so comfortably at my feet.

I’d carefully reach out my hand to him, he would sniff at it, and since he didn’t move away that was the time I touched his forehead. Forgetting that he’s not my dog, I attempted to touch his pointed front teeth and I succeeded (which is what I’d do with my own dogs during our bonding moments). He liked me!

Upon getting my order, I asked if they’re the owner of the dog. The female crew said he’s an abandoned dog, who used to live in a house beside their restaurant. So they adopted the dog and gave him food everyday.

I asked about the dog’s name.

“Daniel,” replied the female crew.

“If I return, will he still be here,” I asked.

“Yes. We already adopted him,” was her reply.

I don’t know how long before I could return but I am looking forward when that day comes. I regret not bringing my smartphone so I could at least take a picture of myself with the dog for a remembrance. Because he’s so adorable! He brightened up my day.

As I leave, Daniel followed me. Had to alert the crew because I didn’t want Daniel to leave his “home.” The female crew commanded Daniel to stop. Daniel was obedient.


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