Barcelona, A Love Untold


The cheapest and easiest way to travel around the world is to watch a movie inside a big dark room or theatre with a big screen. And so, I watched “BARCELONA, A LOVE UNTOLD.”

Okay, that’s my GOOD reason. And there’s this other one: the REAL reason.

My real reason is that I wanted to feel kilig, to see this typical love story of a boy and a girl who serindipitously will meet in Barcelona and fall in love. Typical isn’t it? Naaah! It’s NOT what you think this movie is. And I love it! I’ve been saving my P200 for this KathNiel movie, and it is worth every cent. Two hours and 15 minutes inside the dark theatre, forgetting all my cares in the world, was a time well spent.

But let me make this clear. I am not a fan of KathNiel. For the benefit of the uninitiated, KathNiel is the merging of the first names of one of the famous loveteams in our country today, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, talents of ABS-CBN.

But I love their chemistry!

As an avid TV viewer, I saw Kathryn grow up before my eyes who has this top caliber acting as a little girl in this drama series, who can do comedy in Going Bulilit, and upon reaching her puberty, was groomed by ABS-CBN to be one of our beautiful leading ladies in local movies. When I first saw Kathryn as a child, if I were a talent manager, I thought she got so many things she can do that I would build her up. She’s got so much in her that I felt were just hiding behind her pretty face and sweet demeanour. She looks boring sometimes but wait ’til you see her in this movie. Ang ganda-ganda ng mukha nya, she’s so lovely to watch, hindi nakakasawa. She really has it, the acting chops. When she was put in a loveteam years ago, I thought she lost it. I thought it deteriorated. So kudos to the director, Olivia M. Lamasan. I thought Kathryn was great, too, in “She’s Dating a Gangster,” the first KathNiel movie I saw. And because of that pleasant experience, I went to see this, “Barcelona, A Love Untold” just last night. And thank you for all those wonderful advice and here’s hoping I could apply it in my life.

I smiled, I got thrilled, I cried, and came out of the theatre with a big, sweet smile on my face after watching “Barcelona, A Love Untold.” And please, watch this in the cinema.



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