It’s not when somebody says I’m pretty.  Or beautiful.  Or cute.

When I was a little girl, I wasn’t pretty.  Beautiful.  Or cute.  So I’m quite used to people not appreciating my looks.  Come high school, that’s when I started getting comments that I’m pretty.  Beautiful.  Or cute.  Beauty is subjective, there is no one standard for beauty.  So even if nobody told me that I’m pretty, beautiful, or cute,  I see myself as someone who is pretty, who is beautiful, who is cute.

To me, the best compliment of all is when I’m complimented for something that I did.  My first ever compliment I ever received as a child was from my Nanay who told another person that I am masunurin or obedient.

A terror boss who, after I filed for resignation, offered me a better job in another company of his.  Which I had to decline, of course.  That’s a compliment that I really can’t forget.

Or a cold young boss who was deeply sad that I’m leaving him for good (I attempted to resign three times, and the third time was final), and I learned about this because his Dad told me.  This was sixteen years ago and I really could not forget this!  (To the bosses out there, if you appreciate your employees, the way they do their work, please show it.)

A collenemy who gave a thumbs up sign and a sincerest smile I’ve ever seen from that person’s face after I made a recap during a seminar/workshop, now that’s one compliment that I will always remember.

A colleague who told me that he thought he saw a different person when he saw me dance during a group presentation, or my palaasar close acquaintances who were pleasantly surprised with my dancing skills, who thought I was shy but then I was out there strutting my stuff  (I’m not a dancer, I just enjoyed the moment, I practiced even in the wee hours of the morning), those are compliments that I treasure.

I also won’t forget this:  resource persons who appreciated big time that smallest thing that I did for them, who then praised me in front of my bosses!  I really didn’t expect that but thank you!

October 21, 2016, Friday, while I was on sick leave, I again received a wonderful gift.  It’s when somebody I look up to dropped a comment to my FB post:



Thank you, Severo Catura (or sir Nonoy), for the kind words. Huge deal, so I posted this in my blog to remember this always when I’m down (new FB posts will bury old posts and can be forgotten).  It feels good that somebody like him appreciates my love for writing.

Severo Catura, or sir Nonoy, is one of those people that I admire from afar since I entered government service. I only see him during important occasions, whenever there are meetings, conferences and one time, during a conference, I had that rare chance of taking my lunch on the same table with him, together with another colleague and newly met acquaintances.  And he’s a funny guy.  He can tell a sad story that would break your heart then next thing you know you’re laughing.  He’s that kind of guy.  I don’t know about his bad sides, well, we all have bad sides, but one thing is for sure:  I admire sir Nonoy for his sincerity, articulateness, and intelligence, and most of all, his being humble.  Also, I’m a fan of his occasional writings and musings in FB.

Working in the government can be frustrating at times, can make you lose hope but knowing that there is somebody like Severo Catura serving our government, the public, it reminds me of my purpose as well. It reminds me that having people like him in government, there is STILL hope.



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