An evening to remember

TRENTA (The Repeat), The Dawn’s 30th Anniversary Concert at the Music Museum, 5 November 2016, Saturday night. I thought I was going home sad when they didn’t perform my most favorite song. So when they left the stage, we screamed for more, more, MORE!!!

They came back for the encore, they performed more than one song for us. Then Jett Pangan, on lead vocals, spoke:

“This song is dedicated to each one of you who braved the traffic, who cancelled their appointments just to be here. This song is called Bikining Itim… Just kidding.”

Then he said the first word of that song and we all were happy. I wanted to cry. We wanted it longer (the show lasted for two hours) but Jett says his back hurts already. And from time to time Jett would check JB Leonor on drums (already bathing in sweat) if he’s still breathing, Francis Reyes on guitar to ask about his blood pressure, and if Carlos Balcells (on bass) had a 10-minute nap when Mon Legaspi replaced him in one or two songs. They’re getting old but they’re getting more handsome and better as they age.

“Ang gwapo nya pala sa personal,” says my friend, Joyce, who is ten years younger than me, about Jett Pangan. Jett Pangan, meanwhile, is ten years older than me. This is my second time to see them perform live in person.

Salamat, The Dawn! Loved the performance, the songs, the gimmicks, and the lights!


Me, with soon-to-be married, Joyce. Us, before the riot!


My photo from our corner of the room.


Oh God, I super love the lights. Takes me to a different world!


Letting us sit back and relax first during the first few songs and just feel the music. It was in the middle part when we were all standing and grooving.


Grabbed photo from Jett Pangan. Thank you Ms. Keyboardist (from Identity Crisis), Romel Sanchez, Carlos Balcells, JB Leonor, Jett, Mon Legaspi (from Wolfgang), and Francis Reyes for an evening to remember!

Sent the photo above to Jett Pangan’s personal Facebook account.
And he replied! Kilig to the bones!

Thank you, The Dawn, for your last night’s 30th Anniversary concert at the Music Museum, Trenta (A Repeat). You made the tickets affordable, thank you. And you gave MORE than we paid for.

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