I was able to capture the Supermoon from Montalban sky! In my camera at least. It is called supermoon because it’s “when the full moon will be closest to Earth since January 26, 1948. The next time it will be closer will be on Nov. 25, 2034.” Honestly, I cannot see the difference between this supermoon and the bright moon nights I’ve experienced already going home (no need to turn on the flashlight, my flashlight was the moon). But who cares? I love the moon!!!


I’ll close this entry with a quote by visual artist, Veronica Pee:

“I find the moon to be a curiously recurring subject primarily because it is there, imposing its presence upon us like a reference point on existential issues.”

Shot this from the roofdeck of our house.
Supermoon being surrounded by clouds.
Supermoon like the star of Bethlehem. (Pasko na!)

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