My first experience at the Komikon 2016

My first experience at Komikon 2016, the 12th Annual Komiks Convention, November 19, was unforgettable. Takes away all the burdens. The last day is today, November 20. I was there last two minutes, figuratively speaking, malapit na mag-closing.

It was overwhelming. I went there alone. So many artful stuff that you can check out and buy. I bought a few to add to my collection. But darn, I wish I could have worn an astig T-shirt unlike what I wore last night.

I was happy to see Manix. I still am. I was smiling, gushing all the way from Mandaluyong to Montalban, while floating on air. I mean not only did I get to hold his hand, get his penmanship to write a message to me as a fan, I also seized the moment of hugging him. Weee!

“Hello po, first time ko sa Komikon,” sabi ko kay Manix Abrera, writer/illustrator of my favorite Filipino comic strip, Kikomachine.

And then he smiled, reached out for my hand, and enthusiastically said thank you to me for coming over. And then we had a small talk. He asked where I’m from. I said I’m from Montalban. Then he said thank you again for falling in line and waiting. He’s the only artist there with a long line of people asking for his autograph and a selfie. Well I got his autograph, I got a picture with him, and then I asked him this:

“Pwede ko po kayo i-hug?”

“Sige,” he said graciously.

So I hugged him. Then I thanked this cute, tall guy who took our picture. Thank you Komikon 2016! Bitin experience ko, next time I’ll be early.

My ticket to Komikon 2016.


From Manix Abrera to me!


Hello Manix.

He’s just a simple, ordinary guy. Unassuming. When I met him, I feel like I want him to be my friend. So much positive aura around him. Ang gaan ng feeling to be around him. Proof of that was his light moment with the staff from Visprint.

Up close and personal with Manix. (Kilig)

A quick glance.

I met this obscure artist, Ms. Ellezier Ominoreg.
She’s a sweet girl, lovely, a total opposite of her creation,
Womenstruation, which is daring, vulgar, for lack of better terms.

Womenstruation by Ellezier Ominoreg.

I wish I could give you a peek. And yes, I bought this.

With the author, Ellezier Ominoreg or Elle.
This is the closing part already, the rest were packing up their things.


I asked for her autograph, too.


MANDIRIGMA NG TADHANA, Kikomachine Komix Blg. 12 (the latest issue)




Issue No. 1 of Mawmag Magazine.


I was already at the next table when a guy reached out to me to give me this, a bookmark. Then I came near him, he turned out to be the writer of Ophir.

Alas, the first issue is sold-out. I wish him and his female co-tandem,the artist, success. Ophir got three issues already.


I also met him. I checked out his works.

Didn’t buy so I just asked for a calling card just in case.


I finally completed my Trese collection. The new additions are Trese 5 and 6.

Thank you Komikon 2016!

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