The Best Advice in Six Words: Writers Famous and Obscure on Love, Sex, Money, Friendship, Family, Work, and Much More (Edited by Larry Smith)

the-best-advice-in-six-words“I can’t get enough good advice.  As a kid, I loved hearing old-timey wisdom from grandparents.  Now, I’ve never met a graduation speech I didn’t love, am a sucker for a promising magazine cover line at the newsstand, and listen to way too many TED talks. And as someone who’s spent most of the last decade asking people to be succinct, I appreciate thoughts that get right to the point, advice such as ‘Reading makes you a better writer,’ ‘Your greatest weapon is your wit,’ and ‘Stumbling looks like a dance eventually.’

“Besides being good advice, the above examples have one thing in common: they are six words.”

~Taken from the Preface, Larry Smith


It was unplanned. I was on my out. Then I saw this book. I got curious with the title: THE BEST ADVICE IN SIX WORDS. So I went to the cashier. Paid for my own copy of this book despite its expensive price (P599). Went home. Then read it and finished it right away. The Best Advice in Six Words is a collection of “six-word memoirs” which the collector and editor, Larry Smith, gathered from “the worlds of film, music, food, finance, comedy, wellness, and academia.” And he’s been doing this since 2006.

Here are some of the Best Advice in Six Words I randomly picked from the book:

“Just believe in yourself, you idiot.” ~Dana Eagle

“Deadlines are there to help you.” ~Nol Martin-Tungpalan

“Work ethic, not GPA, determines succes.” ~Belinda Hernandez

“Learn the ropes before challenging customs.” ~Pam Grater

“Don’t be afraid to be happy.” ~Iris Delgado

“Make people say your name properly.” ~Aria Velasquez

“Better to be kind than right.” ~April Baur Davis

“Let karma do your dirty work.” ~Ariel Penn

“Reading makes you a better writer.” ~Mary-Liz Shaw

“Take a shower.  You’ll feel better.” ~Dawn R. Dugle

“Do no harm, take no shit.” ~Lisa Ann Gallagher

“Don’t let your degree define you.” ~Kelley Heaney

“Kindness is never wasted, or forgotten.” ~Brigitte Peterson

“Trust your outrage.  Turn to wonder.” ~Courtney Martin

“Speeches sink or swim with emotion.” ~Pete Pantelidakis

“Spend less time sharpening pencils. Write.” ~Erika LaCarney

“You can’t brag about being humble.” ~Kaitlin Monkemeyer

“Wanting less feels like getting more.” ~Tanya Arterburn

“Basic needs:  backbone, wishbone, funny bone.” ~Raven Okeefe

“Saying ‘be creative’ squashes creative bug.” ~Katherine Kennedy

“You learn more by keepin’ quiet.” ~James ‘Son’ Thomas

“It’s okay not to have kids.” ~Sima Walker

“Your only constant companion is yourself.” ~Nichole Argyres

“Pursue what makes you come alive.” ~Mari Mitchell

“Go ahead, serve your country. Anywhere!” ~JJ Jay

“Share your story, change the world.” ~George Takei

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