Once in a lifetime

Since Donald Trump became U.S. president, almost everyone has been talking like their Nostradamus as if they know what will happen next. (Well, except that Nostradamus is not annoying. He’s mysterious.) Checking my Facebook, everyone–both celebrities and ordinary citizens–who is not in favor of Trump winning the presidency is spreading a message of doom.

Personally, I find this very alarming.

Who knows what the future holds anyway? And what makes you think that those who voted for Trump are stupid and gullible? And what makes you so sure that those who voted for Hillary Clinton are not?

You know what I’m sure of?  I’m sure that good people voted for Hillary Clinton. Also, I’m sure there are good people who voted for Donald Trump. And these people who voted whether for Trump or Clinton have their own valid reasons.

Anyone who voted for Trump believes that he would be the best president. Anyone who voted for Clinton also believes that she would be the best president. There is no right or wrong answer or result during election. Everyone is entitled to his/her own independent thinking, to pick his/her own president.  This is democracy. What’s important in the end is the honest result that will come out after the election and America have spoken: Donald Trump won.

I know that not all Americans like Trump. I saw those protests on TV, questioning why someone like him became president after all those disparaging remarks he said against Mexicans, against Filipinos, against women during election campaign.

Still, many Americans, even Filipino-Americans, voted for him.  I’ve spoken with my relatives and they are Filipinos who are U.S. citizens either because they were born there or have worked there for a long time already, and I’ve heard their sentiments, their frustrations.  In this life, there are no guarantees.  Life, sometimes, is a gamble. You don’t know for certain what will happen next.  Americans who voted for Trump voted for him because they want to gamble this time on a non-politician.  Let’s wait and see what good Trump can do for America and for the rest of the world. Let’s be vigilant.

Instead of spreading a message of doom about Trump being the new U.S. president, why can’t we just pray for him, to lead his country on the right path which can greatly affect the rest of the world.

I’m writing this because I don’t wanna lose hope. Praying for Donald Trump that he would make good of his presidency.  For that chance he got as president of the most powerful country in the world is once in a lifetime.

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