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My Ex and Whys

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Got high expectations for this movie because the director was Cathy Garcia-Molina. But because it’s obvious that the producers of this movie interfered with the creative process just so it could make money from the fans of LizQuen and also, from curious moviegoers like me, the result is like… well to say that it’s a trash would be harsh but it’s more like a…recycled material. Because what I saw there was all too familiar. No, it’s NOT because I could relate with the story, not that. It’s because the scenes and situations there have been used already in a couple of romcoms that I saw in the past or in the last four years of going to the movies.Girl meets boy. They fall in love with each other. Boy commits a single but grave mistake. Girl becomes terribly heartbroken. Girl becomes a man-hater. Boy tries to win her back. Girl avoids him because she hasn’t fully recovered from that hurt. Boy gives up. Girl realizing her pride now runs after the boy. Boy and girl are now together again. And they live happily ever after.

However, there was a silver lining to that dark cloud. Not just one but two silver linings. I sat for two hours to a replay of a plot that I’ve seen so many times, but, a big BUT:

1) I appreciated the character played by Ryan Bang, the best friend of the two lead characters who was about to get married and got into trouble because of Calista’s (Liza Soberano) vengeful schemes to destroy her ex, Gio (Enrique Gil). And when Ryan’s character discovered the evil tactic of Calista in cohorts with her other friends, that scene where he got mad asking her what did he do to her to receive that kind of evil prank, and even if he learned that it was really intended for the ex, wow, that was cathartic. At that moment I got really annoyed at Liza’s character.

2) There was one line there, a positive message that I find really nice: “Lahat tayo may unlimited failures, unlimited mistakes. Pero binigyan din tayo ng unlimited options, unlimited chances.” Not the exact words but something like that.

After writing this, I realized that MY EX AND WHYs is not a bad movie after all. Go see and watch this if you just want to sit back and relax and be inspired.


John Wick Chapter 2

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“John Wick is an example of a Hollywood gun pornography…”

Whoever wrote that and whatever that means I thought the movie was… heartwarming… inspiring… empowering… 😀

It was Christmas season, last year, when I happened to catch the TV screening of JOHN WICK starring Keanu Reeves in Channel 2’s Sunday Blockbusters. Introduction pa lang, I got hooked already. Just because of a dog. Then one thing led to another. I also got hooked to the suspense, to the lead character: a melancholic, unassuming guy whose wife had died of sickness. After her death, John Wick received a gift, what his departed wife planned all along unbeknownst to him: a puppy to keep him company.

John Wick misses his wife, thinks about her all the time. He only wanted a quiet, peaceful life, in the company of a dog.

Until one day, John Wick came across a crook guy in a gas station who wanted to buy his car. John Wick politely said it’s not for sale. On the same day, in the middle of the night, John Wick was awakened hearing the puppy making a noise and when he got to the sala, he got hit on the head by masked men. The puppy went mad, so the masked men slaughtered the puppy. They ran away stealing his car.

The bad men were wrong to underestimate the appearance of John Wick. For John Wick was the most feared assassin. Just hearing the name John Wick, leaders of bad syndicates would tremble. And now that the assassin in him was awakened because of his stolen car and the death of his puppy, he now wanted revenge. And that’s what he set out to do and it was a mission he accomplished perfectly. He became one-track mind, hungry and thirsty for blood, on the search to kill those responsible who killed his puppy and stole his car. And boy, if you’re a moviegoer and you’re mad at someone, or going through something, and you imagine that you’re John Wick, the movie can be a form of catharsis.

In John Wick Chapter 2 (which I caught in cinema), he got a new dog. A pitbull. He really wanted to retire from his old life. You know, just live a normal life. But then it was his past that kept following him when in the middle of the night, a man with minions visited him offering him a job to kill his (the man’s) sister. John Wick refused. He said he’s not that guy anymore. The man reminded him of the pact they made before. He refused. Little did he know that his refusal would leave him with a house burned down shortly after the man left. He almost got killed. But his dog–who had no name–was alive. Left with no choice, no home, he surrendered to the man’s request. But with one condition: once he fulfills his mission, he will completely retire from killing people. However, after John Wick accomplished the task, the minions of his client were now after him to die. Betrayed, John Wick was again left with no choice but to fight back.

Bitin ang John Wick Chapter 2 so I’m looking forward to Chapter 3.

Poverty as an excuse

Last night, while having dinner in an open venue somewhere in Commonwealth Ave.

Batang lalaking pulubi (kuno): Ate, pahingi ng pera nagugutom ako. Kanina pa ako walang makain, wal….

Me: Nasaan magulang mo? Sila singilin mo. Dapat sila nag-aalaga sa iyo. Ako nagbabanat ako ng buto. Sila singilin mo. Saan magulang mo? Di ba da….

Batang lalaking pulubi (kuno): Sige salamat na lang po kung wala.

Me: (Relieved pero dismayado sa encounter na iyon.)

Reflection:  I really do not have a heart for “street chidren” acting as “beggars” in the street. I know those street children got parents and since time immemorial this begging tactic of some of the poor for survival is, to me, just a manifestation of laziness, of hopelessness, of resigning already to his/her own misfortune.  This bothers me a lot. Always. Extending help to a less fortunate is really not that easy. You need to think twice before offering help and consider its implications. If you refuse, you’d be seen as selfish. If you give in, you’re only encouraging him to beg for money.  In this case, I refused to give the child a penny because I would only encourage him to beg more, again and again. The cycle of poverty will not stop. And my way to stop it is to discourage him from begging for money from me.  Which led me to ask: Begging for money is already an effortful task. So why can’t the parents of these kids, or particularly these children, just go get a decent job.  I just hate it when poverty is being used as an excuse to beg for money from others who work hard for the money.

Montalban Town Center


Kikomachine in Chippy: “Multo”

In fairness, natawa ako dito.


Stick ‘Em Up!

I bought a sticker book for the very first time. This is not only in support of our local artists, but also because, well, the sticker book was nice.  I thought the designs were attractive.

Abbey Sy, June Digan, and the Googly Gooeys are the creators of this fabulous sticker book. An offering by Summit Books.

Here’s to give you a peek.




Ferrero Rocher, the golden experience

I wanna talk about chocolates. Coz I love chocolates. And among my favorites is Ferrero Rocher. This is the best gift you can give to your chocolate lover friends–not perfume, not lotion–it’s chocolates. Now, if you’re a guy and you’re giving this to a girl, make sure she is your girlfriend already. Because if the girl doesn’t like you, she will give this away to her friends or worse, throw it away. What an ugly fate for Ferrero Rocher!

Ferrero Rocher has been there for quite a long time already. And it is only now that I took notice and appreciate its intricate nitty-gritty details in its packaging. A chocolate that is wrapped in gold aluminum foil, with its branding on top. Not only that, the aluminum foil is gelled into the soft mini brown paper plate underneath it so that the chocolate won’t roll away when you mishandle it. And when you open the wrapper and bite into the chocolate, you get to know very well that “Crisp Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate-Covered Specialty with a Smooth Filling and Whole Hazelnut.” The packaging also says it’s made in Italy. And the container? It’s something that you can reuse to keep your personal things. They have containers in rectangular and heart shapes. Heart shape is the one I have.