Ferrero Rocher, the golden experience

I wanna talk about chocolates. Coz I love chocolates. And among my favorites is Ferrero Rocher. This is the best gift you can give to your chocolate lover friends–not perfume, not lotion–it’s chocolates. Now, if you’re a guy and you’re giving this to a girl, make sure she is your girlfriend already. Because if the girl doesn’t like you, she will give this away to her friends or worse, throw it away. What an ugly fate for Ferrero Rocher!

Ferrero Rocher has been there for quite a long time already. And it is only now that I took notice and appreciate its intricate nitty-gritty details in its packaging. A chocolate that is wrapped in gold aluminum foil, with its branding on top. Not only that, the aluminum foil is gelled into the soft mini brown paper plate underneath it so that the chocolate won’t roll away when you mishandle it. And when you open the wrapper and bite into the chocolate, you get to know very well that “Crisp Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate-Covered Specialty with a Smooth Filling and Whole Hazelnut.” The packaging also says it’s made in Italy. And the container? It’s something that you can reuse to keep your personal things. They have containers in rectangular and heart shapes. Heart shape is the one I have.


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