John Wick Chapter 2

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“John Wick is an example of a Hollywood gun pornography…”

Whoever wrote that and whatever that means I thought the movie was… heartwarming… inspiring… empowering… 😀

It was Christmas season, last year, when I happened to catch the TV screening of JOHN WICK starring Keanu Reeves in Channel 2’s Sunday Blockbusters. Introduction pa lang, I got hooked already. Just because of a dog. Then one thing led to another. I also got hooked to the suspense, to the lead character: a melancholic, unassuming guy whose wife had died of sickness. After her death, John Wick received a gift, what his departed wife planned all along unbeknownst to him: a puppy to keep him company.

John Wick misses his wife, thinks about her all the time. He only wanted a quiet, peaceful life, in the company of a dog.

Until one day, John Wick came across a crook guy in a gas station who wanted to buy his car. John Wick politely said it’s not for sale. On the same day, in the middle of the night, John Wick was awakened hearing the puppy making a noise and when he got to the sala, he got hit on the head by masked men. The puppy went mad, so the masked men slaughtered the puppy. They ran away stealing his car.

The bad men were wrong to underestimate the appearance of John Wick. For John Wick was the most feared assassin. Just hearing the name John Wick, leaders of bad syndicates would tremble. And now that the assassin in him was awakened because of his stolen car and the death of his puppy, he now wanted revenge. And that’s what he set out to do and it was a mission he accomplished perfectly. He became one-track mind, hungry and thirsty for blood, on the search to kill those responsible who killed his puppy and stole his car. And boy, if you’re a moviegoer and you’re mad at someone, or going through something, and you imagine that you’re John Wick, the movie can be a form of catharsis.

In John Wick Chapter 2 (which I caught in cinema), he got a new dog. A pitbull. He really wanted to retire from his old life. You know, just live a normal life. But then it was his past that kept following him when in the middle of the night, a man with minions visited him offering him a job to kill his (the man’s) sister. John Wick refused. He said he’s not that guy anymore. The man reminded him of the pact they made before. He refused. Little did he know that his refusal would leave him with a house burned down shortly after the man left. He almost got killed. But his dog–who had no name–was alive. Left with no choice, no home, he surrendered to the man’s request. But with one condition: once he fulfills his mission, he will completely retire from killing people. However, after John Wick accomplished the task, the minions of his client were now after him to die. Betrayed, John Wick was again left with no choice but to fight back.

Bitin ang John Wick Chapter 2 so I’m looking forward to Chapter 3.

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