My Ex and Whys

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Got high expectations for this movie because the director was Cathy Garcia-Molina. But because it’s obvious that the producers of this movie interfered with the creative process just so it could make money from the fans of LizQuen and also, from curious moviegoers like me, the result is like… well to say that it’s a trash would be harsh but it’s more like a…recycled material. Because what I saw there was all too familiar. No, it’s NOT because I could relate with the story, not that. It’s because the scenes and situations there have been used already in a couple of romcoms that I saw in the past or in the last four years of going to the movies.Girl meets boy. They fall in love with each other. Boy commits a single but grave mistake. Girl becomes terribly heartbroken. Girl becomes a man-hater. Boy tries to win her back. Girl avoids him because she hasn’t fully recovered from that hurt. Boy gives up. Girl realizing her pride now runs after the boy. Boy and girl are now together again. And they live happily ever after.

However, there was a silver lining to that dark cloud. Not just one but two silver linings. I sat for two hours to a replay of a plot that I’ve seen so many times, but, a big BUT:

1) I appreciated the character played by Ryan Bang, the best friend of the two lead characters who was about to get married and got into trouble because of Calista’s (Liza Soberano) vengeful schemes to destroy her ex, Gio (Enrique Gil). And when Ryan’s character discovered the evil tactic of Calista in cohorts with her other friends, that scene where he got mad asking her what did he do to her to receive that kind of evil prank, and even if he learned that it was really intended for the ex, wow, that was cathartic. At that moment I got really annoyed at Liza’s character.

2) There was one line there, a positive message that I find really nice: “Lahat tayo may unlimited failures, unlimited mistakes. Pero binigyan din tayo ng unlimited options, unlimited chances.” Not the exact words but something like that.

After writing this, I realized that MY EX AND WHYs is not a bad movie after all. Go see and watch this if you just want to sit back and relax and be inspired.


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