Beauty and the Beast

ONE WORD: It was… memorable.

I was probably 13 when I watched “Beauty and the Beast” movie animation back in 1991 in the big screen. And there is one scene from the animation that remained stuck in my head, the teapot voiced by Angela Lansbury (of TV series “Murder She Wrote” which me and my siblings watched back in the 80s) who was singing the title song while Belle and the Beast were dancing the night away. Now this scene, that song is one that I could effortlessly remember, what my heart remembers.

But I can’t remember how they met, what’s the story about. Even most of the songs there I almost forgot already. For sure, the Beast would turn into a handsome prince. That’s all that I could recall after so many years, experiences, phases in my so-called life that went by, that happened.

Fast forward to 2017, or 26 years later, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in live action with stars led by Emma Watson as Belle/ Beauty was so memorable. It brought back pleasant feelings, made me feel young and at the same time old. I love everyone here, every character in the story, of course the story itself (now I remember them all, thank you!), even Gaston the contrabida just simply because he sings his heart out here and sang better than Beauty, than the Beast, than anyone in the cast.

At the opening, just seeing the Walt Disney castle logo slowly and magically appearing on the big screen with “When You Wish Upon A Star” music accompaniment to signal the start of the movie, I started feeling emotional. It made me teary-eyed. (I guess it’s because the past week was kind of frustrating. The music gave me that release.)

If you want to reward yourself, to give yourself a pat on the back, watch this movie. I really think grown-ups more than the kids should watch this. Why? Just check it out for yourself. I wish there’d be a DVD copy of this movie soon. So I could watch BEAUTY AND THE BEAST as many times as I want.


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