Francis Brew Reyes

Posting this here to remember my second virtual encounter with Francis Brew Reyes of The Dawn, who had a show in late 1990s called In The Raw in UNTV which I loved to watch. Francis promoted raw talents in the show and his commentaries made the featured band of the night interesting. 😀 Francis Reyes is not just a musician, he was also a DJ and a host worth listening to.

Wow, good thing to know that Francis Reyes writes articles online for Billboard. My unforgettable moment with him was only virtual, through Multiply (Multiply’s dead though). I commented on his post and he commented also on my post. That’s it. To me that was already unforgettable. He’s not just a good musician (and a good backup vocalist), I’m a fan of his blogs (when he used to have blogs). Here, Francis Brew Reyes writes about Robert Javier of The Youth.

The Youth’s Robert Javier talks about the band’s longevity and his work with #EatBulaga read on

Backstage in Broadway Centrum, stagehands and technicians are scurrying about. It is 11am, an hour before the day’s episode of the noontime TV…
Francis Brew Reyes Awww, thank you!!!
Jezzamine Andaquig
Jezzamine Andaquig Haha! Nagulat ako. You’re welcome, sir Francis! Still remember that word of advice you gave ancient’s ago to the contestants of the search for the new vocalist of Rivermaya (where Jason Fernandez was discovered). You said: “Don’t let praises and criticisms get into your head. Just let it slide.” I always keep that in mind when I’m feeling down or high.
Jezzamine Andaquig

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