Hot Sos: Your Guide to Getting Fit, Eating Well, and Loving the Body You’re In (Solenn Heussaff)

IMG_1065I got discouraged upon seeing the hot sos workout plan I found in this book by Solenn Heussaff.  My viewpoint is this: if you’ve finally decided to lose weight and look better, and you’re not really the physically active type of person (worse, don’t have flexible body yet), I don’t think I would recommend the workout plan specified in the book. Like planking? Whoa, wait a minute. Running? I heard if you got weak knees this is not advisable. Actually, I tried some of those before from another source and my instinct told me to go after an exercise which I can enjoy and not be intimidated with or feel dumb about.

But this was my initial reaction, particularly when I was still at Chapter 2. I just continued with my reading hoping to find a ray of light from this book. And I did, thank God.

“Everyone’s workout style is different.  If you really wanna enjoy exercising, you need a routine that matches both your goals and personality,” says Solenn matter-of-factly.

I’d ask friends what’s their secret for losing weight, looking better in just a short time. Most of them would tell me: “I don’t eat dinner anymore. If I need to eat, I eat one piece of an apple.” “I avoid rice.” “I eat more protein than carbs.” “I don’t drink softdrinks anymore. I drink tea.”

And despite hearing this, I’d still drink Coke, eat more carbs, rice, and I can’t even remember when was the last time I ate a fruit. People would observe I gained weight. I, too, observed I gained weight. People’s opinions get to me but I’d still go back to my habit to cope with it:  I continue drinking Coke, eating lots of carbs, I eat anything that’s delicious not caring the impact it would do to my body.

Until my fat male colleague, also a friend, was overreacting over me gaining weight, that I look like a mom already (I’m not!). And when I would strike back at him for saying something too blunt from someone like him who’s fat, his excuse was it was because he saw me not like this before. If he hadn’t met me five years ago only now, he would have easily accepted my appearance. But he knew who I was before. He strongly demanded that I go back to my beautiful self and shed that pounds!

So this is Day 1. The beginning of my road to recovery.


“Let’s get something straight. I LOVE FOOD.  Healthy food I love even more.  Actually, to get another thing straight, eating healthy or “eating clean” is not about depriving yourself.  It’s about choosing food that’s good for you,” shares Solenn, who used to be fat when she was younger and was bullied for being so.

“Like, I love crispy pata, but whenever I eat it, I won’t have an entire leg, because that will make me feel bloated and sluggish.  Instead, I’ll savor a few bites, so my cravings are satisfied.

“Honestly, healthy eating isn’t so complicated.  I try to prepare my own food, and I make sure I “eat a rainbow,” because meals with more color usually have some veggies and fruits in it.  I also drink three liters of water every day to avoid overeating.

“So this chapter is all about food, everything from buying it to preparing it.  If you’re expecting advice like “Do NOT eat the bacon!” um, you’re not gonna find it here.”

Well, thank you, Solenn. What a relief!  Hey, I would like to try that Cheesy Panini recipe you shared. Looks yummy to me.


I also wanna try that vitamins drink because not only it’s healthy, it’s easy to prepare. Exactly what I’ve been looking for: easy to prepare and ingredients are not hard to find.


So this is Day 1. And I started off by reading Solenn Heussaff’s book, “Hot Sos: Your Guide to Getting Fit, Eating Well, and Loving the Body You’re In.” A book that encouraged me that I can do it!




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