Meeting Gerry Alanguilan

The book signing of comic book artist, Mr. Gerry Alanguilan, was held at BGC, fourth floor of Fully Booked, on 17 June 2017, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

I arrived at 4:00 p.m.

I was relieved to see sir Gerry still sitting there, waiting for someone to approach him and I could see that his table was at the far end of the Comics Odyssey store filled with comics aficionados, who were mostly males. I didn’t expect there would be other comics artists present.

I am honored to be seated next to him. I was really blown away by his work, Elmer, the comic book that made me cry.

We had a little banterings here as a result of a blooper I committed: hindi ko kasi kilala yung chinito guy who let me take his seat in which I asked if they could join us in the picture. He joked he does not want to because I do not know him. Sabi ko he looks familiar. Sabi nya basta daw hindi sya si Jugs. (Jugs? I asked myself. When he mentioned me that name I recalled Jugs of the band, Itchyworms.) Sabi ni sir Gerry while quickly pointing at him, “Ang pangalan nya Sweet.” Awkward moment but it became a funny moment, thank God. These guys are kwela.

The lady with whom I asked if she could take these pictures I discovered later turned out to be sir Gerry’s wife! (Because I asked for her name, not just her first name, also her last name). Her name is Ilyn. And when she answered Alanguilan was her last name, I felt really embarrassed. She looks young so I thought she was part of the attendees who just happened to be comfortably talking with sir Gerry.  She felt embarrassed, too, when I requested for our picture but she’s game alright. Thank you, ms. Ilyn, for not saying no.

Elmer is the only work of Gerry Alanguilan that I have. Happy to know that four years later since I bought it, I’d be able to meet the creator of this really heart-gripping comic book and this is another proof of it.

Why am I so fixated at having my copy of a comic book be signed by its author, you ask?  So that I could have something to remember by. That for once, I was able to meet the author of a work that has made an impact in my life.



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