Voltaire version 2


This is Voltaire ver. 2. He’ll be turning one month old tomorrow and he just lives next door. I would visit him and his mommy dog Carla whenever I find time because it’s always heartwarming holding a puppy. I just hope he lives for years like his half-brother Douglas, my dog, who is among the first batch of Carla’s offsprings. Voltaire ver. 2 is the fifth batch. He’s only one, though. Unico hijo. The second, third, and fourth batch didn’t get to live beyond one month. Either they got sick, they’re too many to be taken care of (my neighbor’s an informal settler), or ate something they’re not supposed to eat. I still miss Voltaire, my dog Douglas’ brother, who my neighbor gave away early this year. I heard he passed away already after eating something. I don’t know, my gut tells me that is not the real reason knowing that my neighbor likes to tell white lies, something that I do not understand about her. My neighbor took her almost a month to think of a name. I suggested “Bernard” because the puppy looks like St. Bernard. That’s when she said, “Voltaire na lang. Bubuhayin ko na lang ito. Isa lang naman sya.”  I got excited hearing that.

I’m still missing Voltaire. For no two dogs are alike. Just like humans. But life has to go on despite the sadness. And oh, here’s the closeup shot of Voltaire ver. 2!




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